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Empowering healthcare workers with advanced wound healing expertise.

Chronic wounds are Australia`s hidden epidemic and can lead to significant impact on the person and their families – (Wounds Australia).

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Without proper treatment wound issues escalate, become complex to heal and demand more hospital resources.

Up to 50% of work in hospitals is related to wound care.

Sources: J Wound Care, WHIA, WHO

Our Mission

Develop and commercialise a clinical diagnostic device providing clinicians with objective, accurate and repeatable information to accelerate the diagnosis and intervention for wound healing for chronic wounds.

Our Vision

To streamline wound measurements, assessments and management using AI to reach zero infections or amputations because of poor wound care.

Our Services

SmartHeal, mobile wound care management system is designed for the healthcare professional to save time, reduce errors and improve healing outcomes for the patient.

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Our Values

Patient-Centric Care

We prioritize patients' well-being, dignity, and comfort in every decision and solution


We continuously seek cutting-edge technologies to enhance wound care outcomes


We foster interdisciplinary teamwork, partnering with healthcare professionals to improve wound care.


We empower patients and healthcare providers with knowledge and tools for better wound care.

SmartHeal is an end to end wound care platform.

SmartHeal is a smartphone app designed to improve all aspects of wound care. Backed by leading Australian wound experts, it will provide healthcare professionals with sophisticated diagnosis and treatment information.

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Our Expertise

SmartHeal is a complete mobile solution developed by healthcare professionals for professional wound managers to provide automatic wound measurements and assessments, saves time using state-of-the-art AI data.


Ongoing tracking for any stage of wound

Treatment Suggestions

Step-by-step treatment recommendations

Faster Healing

Reducing the strain on healthcare resources

Most healthcare workers only have basic wound care skills. Chronic wounds can be avoided with specialist expertise.

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Our Team



BAMS, BSC(Nur), Hon.
(Fellow) Department of Surgery, St. Vincent Hosp – Uni Melb


Prof Peter Choong OAM

 HOD, Department of Surgery St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne


Dr Alexander Gosling AM



Dr. Michelle Barakat Johnson

Dr. Michelle Barakat Johnson

Clinical Advisor

Prof. Fiona Wood

Prof. Fiona Wood OAM


Dr. R S Kumar

Dr. R.S.Kumar

APAC Advisor

MBBS, FCGP (Hon), Fellow of the Indian Academy of Medical Specialities (Family Med) FIAMS,
CCWC (Malaysia),

WWIC (Cardiff) Foundation Formerly Director of Medical Services – QUALITAS health 

Rita Arrigo

AI Advisor

SmartHeal, mobile wound care management system

A complete mobile solution developed by healthcare professionals for professional wound managers

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